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New Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W Diver Propulsion Vehicle DPV Scooter with Saddle (without Battery & Charger) Price: 2,295.00$ (as of 01/01/2019 23:42 PST- Details)

3 Speed Prop
Shock Resistant ABS Resin
Upgraded Motor: Aluminum DC Brushless

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Product Description

The New Apollo “AV-2 Evolution 2” Underwater Propulsion Vehicle is built for serious underwater explorers.

It is depth rated to 230’/70m (tested to 300′) and can run up to 100 minutes. Complete keep an eye on of speed is now at your finger tips.

The Apollo “AV-2 Evolution 2” U/W Diver Propulsion Vehicle features a 3 speed prop with a top speed of 2.6 mph. The new variable speed trigger works with the Hands Free Riding saddle for smooth acceleration from full stop to top speed.

Riding hands free will give you freedom to explore new sites and new diving styles. Twist and turn like a dolphin, soar like a manta ray or make use of the tow bars to take along a couple friends and extra gear.

Progressive Acceleration System…. The newly design rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed even as in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment ends up in smooth effortless riding and make allowance for simple synchronization of speed between divers in a lot of geographical areas and varied current conditions.

Speed Propeller…. Additionally, it’s conceivable to easily vary the propeller angle or pitch by 3 positions, which allows for even more fine-tuning of the scooter speed to the individual diver needs.

Saddle Wings…. By the usage of the wings it’s now conceivable to pull 2 more divers with the scooter. The different physiques of the divers when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect to the performance of the scooter. The speed and distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as the usage of the scooter solo without a saddle.
3 Speed Prop
Shock Resistant ABS Resin
Upgraded Motor: Aluminum DC Brushless
10% More Torque than Standard “AV-2”
Decelerator: Reduction Planet Gear