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Yuneec Typhoon Drones

Yuneec Typhoon Drones. The Typhoon Q500 4K is an entire aerial and ground imaging system (AGIS). The Typhoon 4K system includes the metallic gray 4K aircraft, the 4K Ultra-HD camera, a CGO3 3 axis precision gimbal, the ST10+ personal ground station. The Breeze 4k is a smart selfie drone that you’ll take at the opt for quality aerial images. With this bundle the pilot can fly the breeze the use of a controller, or their mobile phone. The controller and head mount work with the Breeze app and as a way to lend a hand pilot the drone and see throughout the eyes of the camera the use of your mobile phone. Flying the Breeze is, well, a breeze! Included is as free USB reader! Comprises Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone with two batteries, carrying case, Prop guards and charger. Added FREE USB reader. FPV Headset for 110 Degree Viewing. Hand held controller to make flying a Breeze! Yuneec Manufacturer Warranty. Buy your new & exciting Yuneec Typhoon Drones today while supplies last!

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6 Quick Release Prop Locks for the Yuneec Typhoon H


– 3 Propeller Locking Mechanisms for B arms
– 3 Propeller Locking Mechanisms for A arms
– Genuine Yuneec Parts

Autel Robotics EVO Drone Camera, Portable Folding Aircraft with Remote Controller, Captures Incredibly Smooth 4K 60fps Ultra HD Video and 12MP Photos


EVO’s powerful camera is the choice pick for award winning cinematographers and photographers. Boasting 60 frames per second for buttery smooth 4k resolution potage, it records faster, smoother, and cleaner than any other compact, foldable drone
The world’s best compact and foldable drone, you can take your EVO with you anywhere. You are ensured a safe and crash-free flight with our dual GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning and advanced computer vision systems. You can even access live HD footage while flying your EVO via the free Austell Explorer App
Always fly with confidence with an intuitive 3.3 inch OLED display controller remote. Its one-touch action buttons can control the drone up to 4.3 miles away!

Blade Holder,Vanvler 3D Print Blade Bracket Propeller Fixator Protection Holder Clasp for DJI Mavic Pro Drone


To protect the boot button to prevent the wrong press start button in the transport
There’s soft sponge on the inside,can prevent scratches the body and the propellers.
To fixed propellers and motors, to avoid tampering, do not need to remove the propellers can be put into the bag, very convenient and quick.

Brushless Motor A, Clockwise: Typhoon 4K


Yuneec USA Brushless Motor A, Clockwise: Hurricane 4K, YUNQ4K114A

Brushless Motor B, Counter-Clockwise: Typhoon 4K


Yuneec USA Brushless Motor B, Counter-Clockwise: Storm 4K, YUNQ4K114B

Decal Set: Q500


Yuneec USA Sticky label Set: Q500, YUNQ500123

Drone Test Part 107 Study Guide


Over 200 questions.
Actual test question from FAA test.
Great user interface.

For DJI Spark Drone Propeller Props Blades Fixer Holder Mount Protective Guard By Vanvler


Easy to install and remove
Made of soft plastic,doesn’t scratches the body and the propellers.
Avoid damages to the motor due to propeller displacement in transportation or storage

Hot Sale Propellers, 4X Replacement Props Blade Propellers for Yuneec 4K Breeze Flying Camera Drone


🌺Compatible with Breeze flying camera drone
🌺Fold-able and super easy to install
🌺2 pieces of clockwise and 2 pieces of counter-clockwise

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